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Mirrorball Kick Start 2015 with a Fancy Dress Party!

As you may (or may not) have noticed depending on whether you’ve been here before, we’ve given the website a bit of a spring clean.  We’ve also been in the rehearsal studios learning a load of new songs ready for the 2015 Season – with some of the new tracks coming out at the moment we just had to jump on-board!  One of the tracks we just had to learn was Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars, such a great tune and straight away having good response at gigs.  We first showcased it at Cecilia’s 50th Fancy Dress Birthday Party on 31st Jan at Shalford Village Hall near Guildford – what a fun night that was!  It was a ‘T’ party where all the guests had to come in fancy dress beginning with the letter ‘T”!

We had some obvious costumes and some rather obscure, and some down right odd!  Guests’ costumes included Tina Turner, Trolley Dollies, Mr T (well two of them actually!), Twister (the board game), Tape Measure, Toilet Roll and a Tampon!!

The party was great fun, the alcohol was in full flow and everyone seemed really up for it, so made our first private gig of 2015 an awesome one and has left us buzzing for more!

If you are having a Birthday, celebrating a milestone or Anniversary and are thinking of hiring a band then give us a call on 0333 323 9595.  We’d be happy to discuss your event and playing for you.

Suggestions Please!

We’re regularly in the rehearsal rooms at the moment learning new songs and requests from Wedding clients for first dances for this year but would welcome any suggestions you may have?  We may have missed an absolute corker so let us know!

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